Vermin Composting : How To Start

Vermin Composting : How To Start

A breif guidence and information about Vermin Composting set up. I thought I would follow up with a more in depth post so ya’ll can know how to set up your own!

Start Up Supplies:

A drill, or a hammer and a nail.

3 Buckets: I got mine, from Fertile Earth Worm Farm Homestead, FL. They’re old 5 Gallon Pickle Buckets.

  • News Paper
  • Wormies
  • 1 Bucket Lid

I’m going to start off by labeling the buckets. The top bucket is going to be bucket #1, the middle bucket is going to be bucket #2, and, you guessed it, the bottom bucket is going to be bucket #3!

Your buckets should look something like this!

Bucket #1: You’re going to take you nifty drill, or hammer and a nail, and punch some holes into the bottom! Around 8 to 10 holes should be good, make sure you spread em out so the entire bottom has drainage holes! Now near the top put holes into the plastic every 2 to 3 inches. These will be your air holes for you worms!

Bucket #2: Repeat what you did to create drain holes for Bucket #1!

Bucket #3: Leave this guy alone. No holes for him, just stack the second bucket on top of him, and then place Bucket #1 on top of that one.

Bucket #1 is going to be the place you put all your contents, like your newspaper and your food scraps. You’ll mostly leave the other two buckets alone to do their thing! 

If you’re a smart planner, you’ve probably already bought your worms for your bin. If you’re like me, you probably set up your entire system, threw some food in, and then realized you didn’t have any worms. 

I bought my 100 Red Worm

You can’t go and get just any worms because some worms only eat the top layer of dirt, some don’t eat any food scraps at all! That’s why I recommend buying from a reputable source.

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tructions! Follow these instructions! Put some lightly damp newspaper into your compost bin, with some egg shells (Egg Shells are used by the worms to help them munch up food because they don’t have any teeth of the their own!), put the worms in your bucket, and let them sit for a good week before you start adding food scraps! After that week, add some food scraps. No dairy. No Meat. These will make your bin stinky. Once you add the food scraps, add some more lightly damp newspaper or some wet cardboard.

I know this is a lot of information! But Hope It will help you.