Can I plant in 100% compost?

  • Yes, you can! Our compost is fully cured and plants love it!
How much compost do I need?
  • A good compost calculator can be found here: https://mcgillcompost.com/compost-calculator/
  • In general, for a typical 4’ x 8’ x 1’ raised garden bed, you’ll need 1.2 yards of compost, or 240 gallons which is the equivalent of 48 of our 5-gallon bags.
How much compost should I use for top dressing established plants?
  • One to two inches.  Be sure not to have the compost touch the crown or stems of the plants.  Compost can be left on top or lightly mixed into the soil. In addition, a thin layer of mulch can be added on top of the compost for additional moisture and weed seed protection. 
Can I reuse compost for my garden next year?
  • Absolutely!! Our compost gets better with age as the beneficial microbes will continue to multiply and strive with plants and water! Over the course of two years it will continue to slowly break down and turn more and more into soil, so be sure to amend with a little compost each year!
Do you deliver?
  • Yes we do if you’re in south Florida! (Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties).
Should I add anything to our compost?
  • You can. If you’d like, ask us about it!
What do you recommend for planting transplants?
  • This is where you’ll see some of the fastest benefits of our compost and castings!! The closest to the roots, the better. We recommend using a 2:1 compost:castings ratio in the planting hole. You can mix lightly with the native soil.