Large Scale Composting

Do you have a business that needs a composting option?

Fertile Earth Worm Farm currently services commercial food waste generators in all of South Florida and Monroe County, from Homestead to Miami to Broward to West Palm Beach and everywhere in between. And, we are always looking to expand! 

Our garbage trucks are specifically outfitted for hauling food scraps and allows us to handle large volumes of food that many other companies cannot. And after over 10+ years of food diversion from landfills, we know how to get the job done.

Please reach out with inquiries below if you're interested in our service!

~ FEWF Team

How It Works

  • We provide you the containers (65 gallon toters or up to 3 yard dumpsters)
  • You fill it up with food only
  • We pick it up on a mutually agreed upon schedule
  • We leave you clean receptacles and the whole process starts all over again


  • We’re the OGs of the composting scene in south Florida!  We’ve been actively diverting food scraps to feed animals since 2011
  • We are not only the oldest, but the largest composting outfit with the largest capacity anywhere in south Florida. We are the only company able to service large commercial food waste generators
  • We utilize garbage trucks specifically designed to handle food and can service up to 3 yard dumpsters
  • Dr. Lanette Sobel is a plant doctor and has extensive experience in various forms of composting and understands the science and challenges behind it all


Why Compost? (Impact of Using Compost vs Conventional Fertilizers)


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