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Fertile Earth Worm Farm


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Fertile Earth Worm Farm's own local and organic compost is fully cured, carefully produced to meet pathogen and weed seed kill, and may have an earthworm or two in it! Made predominately from local fruit, veggies, and mulch, our compost is ready to make your plants grow like crazy! It will never burn your plants either!

Place a cup of compost in each planting hole before planting or top dress plants up to 1" deep.

Produced locally here in South Florida.

Packaging Details:

10lb (Kraft): Packaging is compostable (minus stickers and tin tie).

5 gallon (Burlap): While the sticker can't be composted, the burlap can! Given the biodegradable nature of the burlap, however, it is not encouraged for long-term storage, especially outside

5 gallon (Sandbag): Sandbags are more suitable for long-term storage as they can be in the sunlight for 1600 hours before breaking down. They can also be reused.

Toter: Please contact for delivery details.